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Yellow Belt Requirements


The following requirements listings are provided for the students of Barrett Hapkido Martial Arts. They are to be used as an outline for advancement, but they do not include the drills, sweat and mat time necessary for rank promotion. Different schools/Martial Arts have their own standards and methods of ranking. The following list represents our system at Barrett Hapkido.

Snap Kick
Thrust Kick
Wheel Kick
Basic Side Kick
Knee Strikes (Upper, Angular, Downward)
Heel Stomp(s)
One Leg Sweep
Foot Block Throw
Belt Grab Hip Throw
Side Arm Throw (Ground)
Hand/Elbow Strikes
Straight Punch; Cross Punch; Front Jab; Vertical Punch
Hammer Fist; Backfist; Half Fist (Horizontal and Vertical)
Knifehand Strikes (Horizontal, Vertical and Reverse)
Elbow Strikes (Upward, Downward, Angular, Back,Reverse)
Basic Pressure Points/Target Areas
Palm Strikes (Open/Closed); Thumb Strikes
Basic Pressure Points/Target Areas
Back Breakfall
Side Breakfall
Front Knee Breakfall
Forward Shoulder Roll
Basic Lower Deflection
Basic Outside Deflection
Basic Upper Deflection
Basic Evading/Covering
Horse Stance (Practice)
Ready Stance (Attention)
Basic Position (Defensive)
Basic Grappling Stance
Bowing and Protocol
Joint Manipulations
Wrist/Neck Grab Escapes
Forward Wrist Lock
Outside Wrist Lock
Inside Wrist Lock
Basic Finger Locks
Split Fingers
Two Basic Combinations
Written Test (Adult)
Instructor Evaluation