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Green Belt Requirement


The following requirements listings are provided for the students of Barrett Hapkido Martial Arts. They are to be used as an outline for advancement, but they do not include the drills, sweat and mat time necessary for rank promotion. Different schools/Martial Arts have their own standards and methods of ranking. The following list represents our system at Barrett Hapkido.

Inside Circle Kick
Outside Circle Kick
Full Front Heel Kick
Angular Instep Kick
Axe Kick (Standing)
Full Side Heel Kick
Low Roundhouse Heel Kick
Basic Straight Leg Heel Kick
Jump & Charging Thrust Kicks
Four Point Kicking (Wheel)
Intermediate Kick Combinations
Hand Strikes
Rolling Jabs
Underfist strike
Spearhand Strike
Spinning Backfist
Dropping Hammer Fist
Spinning Reverse Elbow
Intermediate Boxing Drills
Pressure & Manipulations
Thumb Pinch Choke
Leg Traingle Choke
Instep Foot Chokes
Under Arm-Arm Bar
Arm Bar Off Shoulder
Lay Back Arm Bars
Intermediate Pressure Points
Leg Prying and Wrapping
Web Hand Applications
Trangular Locking & Containment
Leg over Locks/Controls
Basic Transitions & Redirections
Throws, Sweeps And Matwork
Full Side Arm Throw
Foot Catch Hip Throw
Basic Hip Throw Defense
One Leg Sweep Defense
Inside Reap To Hip Throw
Shoulder Wheel Throw To Kneel
One Arm Shoulder Throw
One Leg Take Down W/Inside Sweep
Rolling Circle Throws (Angular/Ankle Block)
Intermediate Grappling And Escaping Skills
Arch Blocks
Double Blocks
Looping Blocks
“KI” Extension Blocks
Intermediate Evading
Leg Block/Kick Combo’s
Falling And Rolling
Two Man Shoulder Roll
Side Flipping Breakfall
Front Flip Breakfall
Basic Rolling Locks/Mounts
Principals & Applications
Basic “KI” Extension
Light “KI” In Falling
Heavy “KI” In Grappling
Concepts of Multiple Defense
Introduction To Middle Stick
Introduction To Dan Bong